New Kitchen Appliances to save you time

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Almost every year they are coming out with new kitchen products that are all aimed at saving us time and trouble. If you have a set of appliances that are a few years old, which might mean that you could be wasting a lot of your time already just by sticking with those old devices. We got a few kitchen ideas from Oneflare. If you want to take advantage of all the time saving ideas then here are some of the latest kitchen appliances that are available now:

Interactive Touchscreen Kitchen Countertops- The kitchen countertop from Intel called Oasis is straight out of the movies. It is an interactive device that helps you in cooking and in providing you with nutritional information about the ingredients that you will be using. All you have to do is to place the ingredients on the countertop and information about it will show on the screen. The information consists of nutritional data and the best means of preparing those.

Fagor Multicooker- This device is perfect for you if you are short on space.  It is a combined pressure cooker, rice cooker and slow cooker. That means if you do not have the space to store all three types of kitchen appliances, then you can just get this single multipurpose device. The great thing about it is that it has various settings for each set of function that you might need.

Computerized Grocery List- If you hate wasting your time in making trips to the grocery, then this is the device for you. When a product is running low in your kitchen, all you have to do is to scan the barcode on the packaging of the product and the machine will automatically update your grocery list. This means that you would know what it is exactly that you need.

Oster 3 in 1 Hand Blender, Mini Chopper and Electric Knife- Combining the functions of several devices into one machine is the way to go in the kitchen of the future. This machine from Oster puts together several functions that used to take three or more devices. Aside from the time that it would save you, this innovation can also save you on space.

Smart Microwaves- These devices take the guessing out of cooking. When you scan a package of food on the device, it will automatically pick the right kind of setting that is needed for cooking it. That can save you a lot of time and wasted food.

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