Garden beds

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Garden beds can be especially useful when it comes to growing vegetables in a limited amount. The use of the bed, prevents weeds from the surrounding area to affect the garden, allows the soil to become compact and concentrated, defines the area that you have to work on, gives a barrier against pests and insects and allows a good drainage system for your garden.

On your part, this can be beneficial because you need to bend down a bit less with the bed being raised higher than the rest of the ground. In fact, you can even sit on the edge of the bed while working on your garden if it was built in the right way.

Raised garden beds are different from planters, which are actual containers that have bottoms. Planters are more like oversized pots. Garden beds on the other hand are areas where the soil is raised by holding them back with some material.

Here is a guide on how you can make your own raised garden bed:

  • First step is to find an ideal location for the bed. It should be in an accessible spot that has good drainage and has enough lighting. It should not be in the way of a path.
  • Mark out the area. A 3 feet by 6 feet bed is ideal for most vegetables. That would just be wide enough for you to be able to reach the middle of the bed.
  • Mark the spot and then clean out the weeds and the stones from it. Start digging along the outline. You should dig out the whole section that you have marked out. You should just dig deep enough in order to bury the walling material that you would be using.
  • There are several materials that you can use for the wall of the bed. The most convenient one to use would be pieces of lumber cut to the dimensions of the bed. You can also use stones if you want.
  • Place a special fabric meant to prevent the growth of weeds at the bottom of the bed. You should make sure that it covers the whole space of the bed.

You can then start putting in the soil for the garden. Ideally it should be 1-2 feet in height.  A higher bed would work but that would require a great amount of soil

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