4 basic tools necessary for home maintenance and DIY

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It would help if you know how to handle some home improvement projects on your own. It would be too much of a hassle, if you would have to hire someone every time something breaks down or something needs repairing in your place. That is why you should have some basic DIY skills or you would be dependent on others.

You don’t have to learn anything fancy. It is enough that you know how to perform basic repair skills in or order to maintain your home and for you to accomplish the most basic of DIY projects that you might to start on.  In order for you to perform basic projects, you need tools. It would help a lot if you have a complete set of all the tools used by professionals, but if you are just starting out, then having just the most basic and useful of them would help. So here are four of the most useful and necessary tools that any DIY enthusiast should own:

Hammer- Most maintenance work would require you applying some force and for that a hammer would come in very handy. Make sure that you pick a claw hammer since it would also be needed for pulling nails, old screws and other items that have been embedded into the wood. This tool can be a very handy piece of tool.

Screwdriver- A great number of items at home are secured by screws and so this tool is very useful when it comes to prying them open and setting them loose. There are two types of screwdriver, the flathead and the Phillips. You should get one that has a replaceable bit since both are equally needed.

Pliers- This is a multipurpose tool. It can be used for gripping and for applying force and pressure. You should never go without one, because the time will surely come when you are going to need it.  There are several types of pliers but if you have to pick one go for the heavy duty type.

Measuring Tape- Most if not all DIY starts with getting accurate measurements and if you can’t get them, you probably wouldn’t be able to have the kind of results that you want. You should go for the long ones that are retractable, the ones used by home builders.

These are just four of the most necessary tools that you can use for home maintenance.

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